Disrespecting religion

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Disrespecting religion

Post by admin » 22 Mar 2015, 06:44

I just received the following in my inbox:



Disrespecting religion

Which bastard has uploaded the Quran pictures along with women.....you
will be punished by Allah for this whoever has done and the person
posted....I will kill you bastard....you will go to hell....I wish you
die a horrible death and your site get banned....curse on you

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Unfortunately the email address doesn't appear to exist, so I thought I better respond here. Perhaps Shafiq will find it somehow.

First of all, I do not know what bastard uploaded Quran pictures along with woman (in fact I wasn't aware woman could be uploaded) and even if I did know I wouldn't pass that information on.

I might get punished by Allah, but I seriously doubt it since I don't believe he or she exist. Nor do I believe in hell by the way, so I also doubt that is in the pipeline for me.

As for respecting religion, religion will have to earn that respect. Unfortunately there are many followers that act in a way that makes it almost impossible to respect. I have no feelings for or against religion really, but I sincerely disrespect YOU Shafiq. You are an anonymous coward and since you obviously believe in hell, I'd reckon you're more likely to end up there than I am.

Finally a bit of interesting information. Yes, I am aware that there are quite a number of SpankWiki.net blogs that are religiously offensive to some degree. The interesting thing is where the users originate. http://nuns.spankwiki.net has got most of it's users from Catholic countries such as Spain, whereas the obvious Muslim sites such as http://muslim.spankwiki.net is flooded with users from Muslim countries, Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Oh how I love hypocrisy .

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