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Script tags

Post by admin » 06 Nov 2016, 02:51

Most serious advertising sites are offering web masters multiple choices of integrating the ads on their sites. On SpankWiki, we often try out new advertising just to see how they are doing, and not long ago we gave TrafficJunky a shot. Quite unusually, TrafficJunky insisted on a script tag (no iframe option) and that script tag was serving a quite large and obfuscated piece of javascript making it almost impossible to track down what they were actually doing.

Unfortunately, including that script tag managed to screw up the footer margins on the site completely. So, I wrote a polite email to TrafficJunky's support including quite a lot of technical information and here is their response:
Thank you for your email. This is actually an iframe and the code works
well. I guess this is an issue from the code of your site...
WTF! I am having trouble using TrafficJunky's service and their 5 second rsponse was that their code was perfect and mine was fucked up. I am sorry, but this borderlines the most unprofessional response I have ever seen to a technical inquiry and well - TrafficJunky can take a wild guess how much more time I am going to spend working out this issue. Yeah - that's right - zero! They can, to put it politely, go f*ck themselves.

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