How to get images removed

Post here if you want anything removed from any of the SpankWiki sites!
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How to get images removed

Post by admin » 19 Mar 2015, 03:40

Hi Everybody,

Most of the sites on SpankWiki are community managed and occasionally someone post photos that belong to someone else or photos that are deeply private. If or when that happens, please post exact links here and one of the administrators will remove the links immediately.

Please pay attention to the following:
  1. Send exact links. SpankWiki is operating in excess of 600 sites with way over two million posts, the administrators are not going to go through that manually.
  2. Explain why you would like a certain post removed.
  3. Don't ask for removal of category and index pages. Individual posts are summarized in categories and only the individual posts can be removed. To find the exact URL of a post, click on the headline. URL's can be recognised in that they start with the year - for example /2015........
  4. Posts that are syndicated from another blog might reappear. They can be removed but if they are reposted on the original site, they will reappear again on SpankWiki. Always check the source of the post and make sure it is removed there too.
  5. Images contained in posts syndicated from other blogs are not hosted on SpankWiki and thus it is impossible for us to remove them. Again - make sure the images and posts get removed at the source!!!
  6. Images are generally not hosted on SpankWiki and the administrators have no way of removing them. Always check where the image is actually hosted and make sure they are removed there.
  7. Posts that have been removed might still show up in searches or being cached in browsers. There is absolutely nothing we can do about that. It will disappear eventually.
  8. Be polite! If your request is rude, include various idiotic legal treats etc. you can be certain your request will go to the bottom of the pile.
  9. And if you didn't get the previous item, do not under any circumstances throw legal babble as DMCA take down requests at me. The DMCA is an American legislation and SpankWiki have anything whatsoever to do with America.
  10. Threats in any way, shape or form - including but not limited to threats of violence - will be ignored completely.


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