JuicyAds Fraud

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JuicyAds Fraud

Post by admin » 23 Oct 2016, 02:55

We ran JuicyAds advertising on SpankWiki.net for quite a while. On first glance they looked promising. They have by far the most professional looking site, BUT – that is only on first glance. When digging in a bit deeper, JuicyAds is far less attractive.

First of all, while their rates sound attractive at first, they deduct something like 25 % on payout even if they pay via Paypal (which is free for them). They also keep the money for quite some time. They have a minimum payout of $100 and when your account reach $100 they will only pay out by the end of the month.

Also I have experienced error messages displayed instead of ads on several occasions. Contacting the owner of the network he claimed this problem had been fixed, but it kept coming back.

Finally, at some point some guy started harassing my service providers and JuicyAds simply cancelled my account without any explanation (and kept the balance they owed me). Now, that is bordering fraud, so I would suggest to avoid JuicyAds completely.

And you don’t have to take my words on this one – check out http://juicyadsscam.com/.

My suggestion – avoid JuicyAds! There are far better options available.

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